The Blackburn Foundation will soon be offering scholarships for college-bound high school students. More information on these scholarships and the application process will be available early 2019.


The Blackburn Foundation funds grants to support projects in the areas of post-secondary scholarship, community development, teacher creativity, and student academic achievement. Grant applications are accepted at any time.

The foundation will give preference to grant proposals with the following characteristics:

  • Potential to create change
  • Boldness of purpose
  • Uniqueness in design
  • Innovation and creativity in the approach to solving a community challenge
  • A sustainability plan
  • A clear plan to evaluate results and impact

Persons seeking grants from the Blackburn Foundation must submit a letter of inquiry via email to  Letters of Inquiry should include the following information:

  • An introduction including the mission of the organization or applicant;
  • An explanation of the organization’s or applicant’s history of work in the community;
  • A overview of the proposed project or program, including whether the grant is for a new project or to expand an existing project or program;
  • An outline of the implementation timeline and process;
  • A description of the desired outcome and the benefits expected;
  • The amount requested, with a detail budget for the project or program.

After reviewing the letter of inquiry, if the proposed project falls within the areas of the board’s interests, purposes, and current funding policies, more detailed information may be requested.  We cannot fund all proposals.  All persons that submit full proposals will be notified of grant awards or decline.