I come from a family of educators including my grandmother, father, aunts, and an uncle. My family has always instilled the value of education. We earned our allowances by making good grades. I have fond memories of my grandfather rewarding my cousins and me with money for our good grades. As we grew older, we no longer needed cash incentives to excel academically because we were able to see for ourselves that education is the key to fulfilling our dreams, whatever they may be. We also learned that education is a life-long endeavor that does not stop with high school or even an undergraduate degree. To date, members of my family have earned a combined total of one Ph.D., four M.B.A. degrees, and expect to have another Ph.D. completed within the next few years.

Our education has helped us achieve great success; however, our success is a falsehood if we refuse to help our neighbors and surrounding communities. My father, Dr. Lew Blackburn, has served the Oak Cliff community for over ten years as the District 5 representative on the Dallas ISD School Board. My brother, Lew, Jr., and his wife, Tes, have served in the community as well, volunteering at churches and community centers for years. When I attended Science and Engineering Magnet, I volunteered everyday after school at the Eloise Lundy Recreation Center.

I started this organization so that I and my family can continue serving our community and to encourage others to do the same. Our goal is to provide programs and funding to ensure that our community is properly educated so that it might flourish. I encourage you to join us by donating to our foundation or joining our mailing list to learn of opportunities to volunteer in the Dallas community.

Never stop learning,